Decide Everything, Do Nothing.
My Ethos
Design isn’t just about pretty pictures or layouts. At it’s core it is about communicating something effectively and in a way that only stands to improve that which it is getting across to the viewer. If it’s a project portfolio, I'm dedicated to ensuring that my clients feel excited by the finished piece. That the design, layout and structure of the portfolio not only matches up to the calibre of the content within it, but amplifies that content to the next level. If your product is worth £10, make it look & feel like £100. If you’re after a £50,000 investment, hand over a proposal more fitting to a £500,000 pitch. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing design, or lack there of, that detracts from, devalues and diminishes the impact of that which it is portraying.
First impressions and last impressions are lasting impressions. So start strong.
The Process
The “Four Corners” of any project.
It goes without saying that no work can be done without a brief. You decide what you want and we go from there.
I take that brief, no matter how simple or how detailed and get to work ready to present a draft to you for review.
Feedback is key to the finished product. I'm here to take on your views, opinions and ideas then apply them as best fits.
All work is finalised and delivered in high quality, high resolution formats to suit your needs for any given scenario.
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